A garden has the potential of providing you with a calm space, teleporting you from your stressful day to a peaceful moment. The art of landscaping is aimed at realising that potential, transforming any garden, big or small, into a sanctuary. Landscapers will ensure to make the most of the area they have to work with, endeavouring to find solutions to any surface area or incline that may seem difficult to work with. If you are considering hiring a landscaper, here are a few key aspects to their work you may be interested in.

Garden Landscaping 

This profession is a wonderful art, which can bring to life the smallest, initially hopeless looking spaces, as well as the largest, abandoned seeming plots. It combines creative thinking with problem solving, seeking to design something that is both beautiful to look at, as well as space maximising. If you are lacking inspiration for your garden or seeking a refreshed look, landscaping is the perfect solution for you. 

Landscape Design 

Landscape design involves the technical, architectural aspects of the job. Here you will get the opportunity to meet with the designer and agree on a suitable layout for your garden. From the overall flow of the space to the flowers you would like to see planted, this step is an exciting way for you to get involved in including your own personal touch to the project. Landscape architects have a lot of knowledge about what can work and what can’t, given the space they have to work with, and will be able to offer you the best advice when it comes to achieving your desired look.

Landscape Gardener

Implementing the plans that have been drawn up involves a dedicated team, led by a landscape gardener. Landscape gardeners do the physical work of planting, fertilising, trimming and paving. Their job also involves technical tasks, like designing water systems, building fences, patios, decks and setting up lighting to give your garden a deserved glow. 

Landscape gardeners hold the responsibility of maintaining the overall design, paying your garden regular visits to ensure that pests stay away, that everything remains neat and fresh and that watering or lighting systems are still working. 

What We Offer 

Life can get busy, but that shouldn’t keep you from having a comfortable outdoor haven. At Zant Landscaping Services, our goal is to help you make your dream green space a reality. We have a passionate team, ready to help with any gardening needs. Our creative and innovative design techniques are suited to rejuvenating any garden, allowing you to indulge in the enjoyment of one of life’s greatest pleasures. We take the time needed to get it just right and will not leave you disappointed.  

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